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We just love watching a sleeping cat! It's a great way to relax. So, we decided to open a gallery for our favorite sleeping cats, and that includes yours! If you have a cat you'd like us to showcase, please read the submission rules, and send a picture!


You can click each image for a larger view.

This is Tabitha, one of Sleeping Cat's family cats. Tabitha
This is Sam, a recent addition to the Sleeping Cat family. Sam
This is Checkers, who lives at the Bungay Jar bed & breakfast. Checkers
This is George, who also lives at the Bungay Jar bed & breakfast. George
This is Father Ted (black) and Bailey (Ginger), from Laurie in the UK. Father Ted and Bailey
This is Luther, relaxing on the bed. Yawn! Luther on the bed
This is another picture of Luther, perhaps dreaming of a hot tub? Luther in the sink
This is six-year-old Lucky, who likes to check the answering machine! Lucky with answering machine


If you would like to send in a picture of your favorite sleeping cat, please accept these rules first.

  • Make the picture no larger than about 640x480 pixels, and provide it in either JPEG (preferred) or GIF format.
  • Let us know the cat's name!
  • If you like, supply some comments about the kitty, but keep it to a couple of sentences, please. We reserve the right to edit the text.
  • In keeping with the spirit of the site, we prefer pictures of sleeping cats, but awake cats are fine too!
  • We reserve the right to crop any picture, and to refuse to post any picture, for any reason, or for no reason.
  • You represent that you own the copyright of any picture you submit, and you explicitly grant Sleeping Cat Software permission to display it on this site.
  • You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Sleeping Cat Software from any action resulting from the posting or display of a picture submitted by you to this site.
  • At your request, Sleeping Cat Software will remove a picture submitted by you, given a reasonable time to act upon the request.
  • You must include your full name and address. This will not be published on the site, but is only for our records.
  • Pictures cannot be returned.

If you agree with these rules, there are three ways to submit a picture, in order of preference:

  1. Send a URL where the picture already exists, for example: http://your.site.com/yourcat.jpg. In this case, we will merely include a link to that URL. Remember that when the picture is viewed, it is being read from your site, not ours.
  2. Send a pointer to a location where we may download the picture by, for example, ftp.
  3. As a last resort, send the picture by email.

The contact address is: cats@sleepingcatsoftware.com

Thank you!


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