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Our goal is developing quality Macintosh software, focused on the consumer market.

We are located in beautiful Southern NH (USA), where the seacoast and the mountains are equally accessible. We have four very different seasons here, ranging from sub-zero to near-100 degree temperatures, with everything from extended dry spells to multiple feet of snow. There's something for everyone (whether it's wanted or not)!

Richard started computing with MS-DOS. A friend introduced him to the Mac, and he was unimpressed! What, no command line? (How ironic now, with MacOS X.) The first thing he did was to type "*.*" (DOS wildcards) into the Find File desk accessory :-). Over time, the little toaster Mac (a 512KE) grew on him, and he finally bought a Mac SE with ImageWriter II in 1987. The rest, as they say, is history.

Janice (she's shy!) handles personnel and facilities. She's a tireless worker!

Tabitha (meet her on our Support page) handles support, though she sometimes calls for help with typing. Tab also takes care of stress management.

For more info, visit our general FAQ.

Tools We Use

Here are some of the tools we use for the Web site and product development.

  • Apple's Developer Web site.
  • BBEdit -- development and Web site.
  • Canvas -- Web site.
  • CodeWarrior -- development.
  • Color-It! -- documentation and Web site.
  • Think Reference and Macintosh Programmer's Toolbox Assistant (MPTA) -- Mac Toolbox references. MPTA is available in Apple's Developer CD mailing.
  • Word and PrintToPDF -- documentation.
  • Resorcerer -- development (resource creation and editing).
  • Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoy this site, and our products.


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