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Apple's Technical Information Library is a wonderful resource for troubleshooting information, specifications, and software updates.
For you AppleScript fans, Apple's Data Detectors are a great add-on. They parse selected text, and present a contextual menu of relevant operations. For example, the Internet Address Detectors recognize URLs, and allow the user to send a message to the selected address, or open a Web site, and more!
Want to know more about AppleScript? There are two MacKiDo articles, one discussing script development tools, and the other covering AppleScript resources and references. MacCentral has an introductory article.

For use with our droplets, like Paths to Clipboard and ShowAliasInfo, CMTools (a contextual menu extender) is very useful. Among other features, it provides an "Open Using" submenu, which allows the selected files to be "dropped" onto an application. For contextual menus, MacOS 8 or higher is required. You can also find CMTools, and other contextual menu extensions, through Control-Click.


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