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Our software runs on Macintosh computers.

When a new version of one of our products is available, a news update will be posted on our home page. You may want to check there periodically. How do I know if I have the latest version?

Before you download...

Please read the following, then scroll down to find product download links.

Stuffit iconEach package will download to your Mac as a BinHexed Stuffit archive. Stuffit is a file compression program from Aladdin Systems, and there is a free expander program, called Stuffit Expander, which you can download from Aladdin's site. Please note that Stuffit Expander may be pre-installed on your system; for example, some Web browser packages include it. If you'd like to know more about BinHex or Stuffit, this Mac Observer article may help.

PDF iconDocumentation is supplied in PDF format, which is read by Adobe's free Acrobat Reader. Recent Macs include Acrobat Reader, and some commercial products install it as well. If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your Mac, you can download it from Adobe.

Note to users of Microsoft Internet Explorer: When Internet Explorer is downloading a file, it tracks progress in a separate window. This window may be behind your browser window, and so you may not realize that the download is happening. To see the download status, check Internet Explorer's Window menu for an item called "Download Manager" and choose that item. This will bring the download window to the front.

Product List

icon DeskPictRotator Pro v1.0.2
This is a full-featured program for periodically changing your desktop picture. You can see a feature overview, or click the link above to download the full package.
View the documentation (PDF).




icon Check Mail During the Day v1.1.2
This is an AppleScript that will periodically tell Eudora to check mail during user-definable hours. It's useful when you want to periodically check mail, but still have an energy saver disk spindown activate, perhaps after work hours.
View the documentation (PDF).

icon Q&D Process Hider v1.0.1
This is a "quick and dirty" AppleScript that will hide processes other than the Finder. It was inspired by the iMac, used with a UMAX 1220U scanner. The 1220U includes an application to power-down the scanning lamp, and that program's window obscures the trashcan! It doesn't remember the state or position of the window across restarts, so this script rides to the rescue! This script should be used at startup.
View the documentation (PDF).

icon Paths to Clipboard v1.1.1
This is an AppleScript droplet that stores the path of files or folders dropped on it to the clipboard.
View the documentation (PDF).

icon OT/PPP Disconnect v1.2.2
This is an AppleScript that will close an Open Transport PPP connection, optionally first quitting a user-definable list of Internet applications. v1.2 improves performance under MacOS 8.5.
View the documentation (PDF).

icon DeskPictRotater
v1.5.5 (8.0/8.1), v1.5.5 (8.5 and newer)

This is an AppleScript that will periodically change your desktop picture during a session. You can configure it to only run during certain hours, and include or exclude weekends. Compatible with MacOS 8.x and 9.0 (please read the documentation).
View the documentation (PDF).

icon ShowAliasInfo v1.1.1
This is an AppleScript that will open the Finder's Get Info window of each file that is dropped onto it. If an alias is dropped, the Info window of the original file is opened. This script is perhaps most useful for quickly adjusting the memory partition of an application. Under MacOS 8.5 and newer, the memory panel (if available) of the Get Info window will be opened.
View the documentation (PDF).


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